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sélectivement muet sont capables de parler,
mais ils ne peuvent pas surmonter!

shy boySelective mutism is an emotional disorder of the ability to communicate. It is a lasting inability to speak in some situations; as in other situations, the mutist can speak. The disorder is not based on physical reason. Articulation, receptive and expressive language of the person concerned is normal.

Mutism (lat. mutitas "muteness", mutus "mute", psychogenic hush or silence) is the denotation for a perseverant hush of a human being, although the speech-organs are sound. The silence can be intentional or based on a mental inhibition-disorder. The cause of mutism is manifold and little investigated. Mutism is not only a personal problem, but has to be seen in a social context. That means, social conflicts and aberration can lead to social alienation and fears. Mutism can be caused through neuroses, psychogenic stupor, shock-palsy, intense emotional distress and others. Mutism occurs frequent at sensitive children, whose need for attention, care, love and security has Thumbnailbeen neglected; or when social fears through bad experience outside home have arisen.
hiding childTwo kinds of mutism are distinguished. First, the total mutism, when the child does not talk to anybody. Second, the selective mutism, when the child does talk to some select persons, depending on location and time. Mutism, in most cases, can be healed with various forms of psychotherapy, speech therapy and behavior therapy.



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